Plain and Coloured Concrete

Plain and coloured concrete flooring is a durable, practical and extremely versatile option but unlike its competitors, does not feature any aggregate within the slab. Its secret lies within the treatment and polish that comes at the end that defines it from unsealed and lifeless grey former self.

Integrity Concrete is dedicated in providing high-quality service, offering a wide range of styles and designs that we have been developing for over a decade all across the Perth area.

Benefits of concrete

• Versatile in design and compliments all landscapes
• Ready-to-pour mixture for a perfect fit without cutting blocks
• Extremely durable, slip-resistant and easy to clean
• Low maintenance, resistant to the elements
• Resistant to rot, corrosion and decay • One of the most cost-effective options available

Where is cement suitable ?


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Swimming Pools

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How do you maintain concrete?

As easy as cleaning and maintaining concrete sounds, it is important that we are using the correct methods to increase the longevity of your cement. Basic maintenance can include using a pressure washer to wash away any grit, dirt or spills, ensuring that we do not exceed 2,500

psi as this may cause damage. Applying sealant to your concrete will not only prolong its life and colour but also make it easier to maintain.

Why Choose Us ?

Less Hassle

We take care of all the site preparation and earth works requirements, so you don't have to run around

Quality Workmanship

Our partnerships mean that we source products only from the reputable suppliers such as Holcim, BGC and Multimix

Comprehensive Service

We think design and function. We want what looks but also works the best for you and your house

Accurate Estimates

With over 20 years of experience amongst the team, we can identify issues before they arise and ensure we plan for them

Professional Approach

With us you can expect the job to be completed on time and without a nasty mess at the end

How much does concrete cost?

Competitive starting prices

Decorative concrete is often less expensive than you think but there are a number of factors you need to know when requesting a quote. Our starting prices for plain grey concrete starts from $45 per m2 plus GST.


Adding coats of sealer will make your aggregate or concrete last longer and look better over time by creating a layer of protection between the flooring and the damages caused by sun, dirt, rain and chemicals.


Include this in your budget as this always requires more work and quantity, no matter how small you think it is.

Additional services

We like leaving our job site spotless, we can arrange for old pavers and cement blocks to be taken away. Besides laying a new ground and stairs, we can install pipes and soak wells.

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